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Boarding your baby traveler

Most airlines and flight attendants give special allowances to parents flying with babies. However, as a parent with a young baby, I suggest that you do not count on this to make your life at the airports easier.  Given the emergence of budget airlines and how all the airlines are all cutting back their service level, parents traveling with babies need to prepare for all scenarios.  In fact, regardless of what the airlines may or may not provide, you should think about the following areas when flying with your baby.

 Seat reservation

Even if you complete your ticket booking online, be sure to call in and explain you are traveling with a baby.  Ask for the “bulkhead” seats to give you more leg room and the possibility of sky cribs.
If you don’t have reserved seats, make sure you are at the airport to check in as early as possible.  Again, tell them you are traveling with a baby and see what they can do for you.

 Going through Security

These days everyone is under tight scrutiny at the airports; babies are no exception.  See what the official word from TSA is on this topic.


Most times parents traveling with babies will be given priority boarding.  The question is whether you want to take advantage of this.  Remember boarding early also means you are stuck in those tight seats for longer.  It’s your choice whether you want to keep your baby traveler longer on or off the plane.  The time from first boarding to take-off could be 30 minutes long for a large plane.
Of course, one of the benefits to board earlier is you can get yourself and your baby traveler settled in earlier.  Even after you are seated, keep an eye out for possible empty seats to switch.  By asking fellow travelers or the attendants nicely, you may be able to get your baby a seat even if you have not paid for one.


Carrying a stroller with you can be complicated. It is rare that you can put her in the cabin. If you put it as a checked baggage, you may find it damaged when you arrive. to avoid this, if you travel on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. We offer you different models of strollers for rent. With personalized delivery anywhere on the Mayan Riviera.


Even with the cutbacks and all, it still doesn’t hurt to ask for blankets and extra pillows right after you board.  These will come in handy especially if you are breastfeeding.  Take out what you are likely going to need from your carry on before you stow it away.


Many travelers are willing to help, especially when they see you traveling with a baby.  Do not stress out if your baby starts to cry during the flight.  Keep a positive attitude and have an enjoyable trip with your baby traveler.

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