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Flying with a baby? Must haves in your carry on

Flying with a baby? Must haves in your carry on…

Ideally you will keep your carry on to a minimum when you are flying with a baby.  Unfortunately you will have no access to your luggage during the flight.  So here’s what you must bring along on board.

  • Travel documents for everyone
  • Multiple changes of clothing for both you and your baby traveler
  • Lots of bibs
  • Diapers – enough for the journey and to cover you if your main luggage goes missing, which happens enough times to make it a probability
  • A changing pad or mat, preferably a disposable one
  • Wipes, diaper cream, and disinfecting hand gel
  • Formula and pre-sterilized bottles if applicable
  • Food or snacks for both baby and you
  • Water, if you prefer your own
  • Juice
  • Ziploc bags of various sizes for wet items and other things
  • First-aid and medicines
  • Toys and blankets and whatever it will take to provide entertainment when your baby traveler’s awake and to provide comfort when you are trying to put him or her to sleep
  • Pacifiers
  • Spoons, sippy cup, and utensils

Special note about formula and breastmilk.  It’s best (“easiest”) if you bring formula powder and ask for hot water from the attendants on board to mix it.  It’s ok to bring liquids such as formula, breastmilk and juice on board, but you will need to take a couple extra steps.  Refer to TSA’s Information on Traveling With Formula, Breast Milk, and Juice.

Get what you will need during the flight from your carry on and keep them handy before you have to stow your carry on away.  I will repeat the importance of providing entertainment for your baby traveler during the flight. It will save you a lot of grief and angry stares from other travelers. 🙂

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