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rent a stroller in playa del carmen, cancun and tulum.

Rent a stroller in Playa Del Carmen, Cancun or Tulum.

Not knowing what is the ideal solution for transporting your baby during your vacation abroad can be a source of stress before departure. A stroller? A kangaroo bag? Are the visits easy in a stroller? Will I be able to take my stroller on the plane?….. There are many questions you can ask yourself. We will try in this article to enlighten you if you come on a trip on the Mayan Riviera.

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Stroller or kangaroo bag?

I would like to say that both have their advantages and disadvantages. First of all it depends on the age of your child.
The Kangaroo bag (belly carrier) for your visits on the Riviera Maya will be ideal for a baby between 3 and 8 kg. It will allow you to keep your child close to you and will be more flexible and less cumbersome than the stroller. Beyond 8 kg, you may tire of carrying your child in a kangaroo bag all day long, under the sun and the heat of the Mayan Riviera.
The stroller will be very practical for all children, even if your child is walking a little. During a visit, if he gets tired, it is better to have this solution than to have to carry it under a blazing sun. The stroller is ideal for visiting the ruins of Tulum, the site of Chichen Itza, Isla Mujeres, strolling through the streets of Cancun or strolling along Quinta Avenida in Playa Del Carmen. Note that our website MyBabyTraveler offers you the possibility to rent a stroller or a kangaroo bag. We deliver everywhere on the Riviera Maya directly to your hotel or holiday rental:) .

Strollers and airlines….

You may want to bring your baby’s usual stroller here to Mexico. Be careful with the restrictions of the airlines, some give you the extra stroller, others will count it as extra luggage, and in this case, the invoice can be expensive… Not to mention the risk that the stroller could be damaged on arrival; the treadmills and agents are not always soft with our luggage!

Have a good trip! 🙂

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